It all started with a dress....

When you're a bona fide shoe addict like I am, you scout any chance you can justifiably purchase a new pair of happiness. Sure enough, as I stood in awe, holding back tears as my best friend found her dream gown, I jumped at the chance to offer her the best wedding present I could think of: Shoes! I searched boutique and stores, from big brands to unknown artisans, but nowhere could I find a pair that A. were in my budget and B. had that special "Je Ne Sais Quoi". Luckily enough, I am no stranger to the craft knife and already had a few years of up-cycling, or as I prefer to call it "Creative Re-Use", under my belt. 
I love finding old treasures from handbags to summer dresses that I can cut up, mix up and style up all to be loved over again. This skill certainly came in handy and sure enough, after a few "let's not talk about it" mishaps, I had found a style and technique that would wow the most  benevolent bride. The finished pair were princess-worthy and I had found my niche and my place in the wedding industry I adored so much. 

Let's rewind a bit

Before starting this new chapter in my life, I was working as Head of Sales at a local Wedding and Special Occasions  boutique. We specialised in Pre-Loved gowns and offered accessories too. I was in my element. I have never been the pushy sales type. I am really more of a dreamer. I could never up-sell without reason but then again I never had to. It became very clear early on that I had a talent for understanding a bride's vision and helping her achieve That Look. I loved to tell my friends and family "I sold dreams" for a living and wedding television programmes had become my favourite kind of "research".


After 12 years of marriage, I have become the master of "The Subtle Hint" a.k.a spelling out exactly what I want! After some research I found that shoes really don't get their deserved appraise, especially on wedding days. How was that even possible? Does the name "Cinderella" mean nothing anymore? If we're  going to go by stereotypes then surely women and their shoes have a longstanding history.   And we cannot forget that - love them though we do- some of those big name shoe brands are a smidge out of our reach ££££! Armed with an arsenal of research, feedback, product ideas and a business plan, I approached the man who held the purse strings and the final say-so.... I had my dukes up and ready to fight my cause..... he said yes! Easiest "yes" of my life! Fast forward and here we are.

Why choose us?
We are so proud to be able to offer our clients quality products as well as quality customer service. From the brands we are able to offer to our "Customise Me" service, we want to make beautiful shoes and accessories accessible to all. We have never forgotten our "bespoke" or "creative re-use" roots and hope only to expand our collections to cater for everyone who desires

quality, comfort and a unique experience. 


"Dymond's" are a girl's best friend

About Us

Customer Testimonial

"CeCe is amazing at what she does! From the initial consultation from bouncing ideas, listening to what you want from a shoe and of course understanding the need for sparkles from this pageant girl!! The products are affordable, comfortable and so many compliments! From beginning to end, she is there to help you with your dream shoes"

Hannah G. 


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"A shoe has so much to offer than just to walk"


- Christian Louboutin

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