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Customise My Shoes

Fancy something a little more unique...a little more, you? Why not create your own personalised pair of Dymond’s Shoes!


Simply follow these 4 steps



Step 1: Purchase a pair of shoes from our Avalia Shoe Collection

Or - Provide us with a pair of your own shoes for embellishing




Step 2: Select your desired embellishments or colour options


Embellishment Options: (See Shoe Anatomy below for details) 

Colour Me - Hand Dyed colouring service on

Heel only Glitter
Heel only Pearls/ Rhinestones

(Acrylic/ Glitter underlay) *

Counter only Glitter
Counter only Pearls/ Rhinestones

(Acrylic/ Glitter underlay) *


Sole only Glitter

Sole only Pearls/ Rhinestones

           (Acrylic/ Glitter underlay) *


Vamp only Glitter

Trim Glitter

Trim Pearls/ Rhinestones/ Ribbon

           (Acrylic/ Glitter underlay) *

Quarter/ Half Upper Glitter 

Quarter/ Half Upper Pearls/ Rhinestones

           (Acrylic/ Glitter underlay) *

Full Upper Glitter

Full Upper Pearls/ Rhinestones

           (Acrylic/ Glitter underlay) *


Full shoe Glitter

Full shoe Pearls/ Rhinestone

          (Acrylic underlay) 

Lace overlay 
Ribbon tie 

Swarovski Crystal Embellishment

Wedge (upper or platform) only Glitter

Wedge (upper or platform) only Pearls/


Wedge Upper & Platform Glitter

Wedge Upper & Platform Pearls/ Rhinestones 



Step 3: Contact us with your requirements and colour preferences

Please ensure you provide a contact number



Step 4: Consultation & Payment

We will contact you to discuss your requirements and take payment

Shoe Anatomy

Below denotes the various shoe elements mentioned within the Embellishments Options above.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us

All our hand-made and customised items are non-refundable. Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information.


*Glitter underlay is used to enhance Pearl and Rhinestone settings and is not the equivalent to glitter only options.

Embellishment design options are examples only and may be customised on request following consultation.

Our 'Colour Me' - Hand Dyed colouring service. Colour-matching is not guaranteed and sample swatches may be purchased. Price on Consultation. 


Prices listed are guidelines only and are subject to requested materials following your consultation.

Due to the nature of this customising service, payment is required in advance via PayPal or bank transfer to secure your order.

Custom orders via this service may take 3-5 weeks. 

























£95 +




Customise My Hair Accessories 

At Dymond's Shoes & Accessories we are all about being individual and standing out from the crowd. We have created a selection of unique ready to wear hair accessories within our Bridal Accessories collection.  


Should you have a particular style, design or colour scheme for that upcoming event or special occasion; why not talk to us about creating a custom hair accessory just for you. Whether it's an elegant hair vine,  luxurious comb or stylish set of grips.


Below is our price list guide based on the product type (vine, comb, grip), size, and desired styles we offer. Please note, the final price may vary depending on your chosen embellishments and will be discussed and agreed with you during the initial consultation. 



Hair Accessories Price List:

Hair Vines




Contact us for your free consultation. 

Single Vine










































£24.00 (x3)

£9.50 (x1)


10-14 cm 

15-19 cm  

20-24 cm 

25-29 cm 

30-34 cm 

35-39 cm

40-44 cm

45-50 cm 

51+ cm 

Ribbon Ties

Hair Combs

Hair Grips

Hair Grip