• CeCe Dymond

How it all began...

Once upon a time

What an amazing 2018 we have had. Introducing “Dymond’s” to the world has been a massive adventure for us already and 2019 is looking like one heck of a ride!

As you start to unwind for the Christmas festivities and get ready to sign-off another year, I thought I would take this opportunity to let you know a little more about us; who we are and how this all started. So let’s put all the formalities aside, sit with a cyber-cup-’o’-cocoa and get to know one another.

My name is CeCe Dymond (neé). It was 13 magical years ago the stars aligned, the cosmos twinkled, the winds of change kicked things into gear and my Prince Charming found me and whisked me off my feet. Fast-forward to a country manor wedding, two crib-midgets, a cat, a dog and a his-and-hers wardrobe to set the latest #couplegoals on trend.

Mr & Mrs Shoe-Fanatic

Finding work around a small child is never easy, but I somehow landed myself in the girliest job ever. I became assistant manager to a local wedding dress boutique. I was in heaven! Someone was actually paying me to dress ladies up all day long in gowns and corsets and tiaras. “Say Yes To The Dress” was no longer chill-out t.v but serious hard research I had to do to stay on pointe for work. I insisted I had to follow all the blogs and read all the magazines because, you know, work. It was definitely important to always follow celebrity wedding trends and scout out next season’s line from all the designers. Because, you know…..WORK! I realised very early on I had a talent for portraying a fairy-tale wedding, according to each unique bride. I loved working with my brides and I never liked the hard-sell. I wanted my brides to find the perfect gown as much as they did. And maybe I shared a tear or two with mum and entourage every now and then. (No Shame).

Then baby number 2 joined us and I decided to head back home and resume that ol’ Mother Duck role. All the while staying on top of my ‘research’ of course. Even when a close friend had to go and find her dress, I was there with snacks, strategy and a strong game-plan of where, what time and “Remember what you said you wanted!” And the moment came: “That’s the one” *tears* “That’s it” *more tears* “You’ve found it!” *gushing with tears* I should probably mention at this point I am a not-so-secretive shoe addict. They hold pride of place in that wardrobe of mine and I will never have enough. So it only seemed that behind the hugs and tears of joy I should declare “I will provide the shoes to walk you down the aisle!” And so the hunt began. I searched everywhere. Every design, every budget, every shop, website and pop-up stall I came by. Nada. Nothing. Zip. Too much this and not enough that. Plain. Plain. Waaaaay over-board! I had become the ultimate heel snob. My friendship and my shoe reputation hung in the balance. I had to get it right. What I did like I couldn’t afford and what I could afford I didn’t like.

Everything is better with Rhinestones

Before giving up on the mission and settling on a very lovely yet average wedding shoe, my little crafty brain finally kicked in. I always liked to play with materials and beads and things and trinkets. “Why not just have a play?” And so I went about stitching and gluing and cutting and scrapping. Fail after fail until, Eureka! I found a method that worked and a style I liked. I knew they would look good and I as I kept working on them I knew they would look really good. And actually when I had finished them, THEY WERE AMAZING! I couldn’t believe I had created something so elegant and sparkly. Something so unique. I knew my friend would love them. She thought they were perfect and I realised I had found my niche.

Now every pair of shoes I see in a different way. “How can I change that?” “What can I add to this?” “How do I use that?” I don’t think I will ever tire of my shoes. I love the research involved (believe me there is a lot to look into!) I love creating every piece. I love working with brides and pageant queens and talking about ideas. I’m less fond of my drawing abilities but I am sure they will improve with time. I look at my first sketch and it does make me laugh. We all have to start somewhere I guess.

What I love most is having my Prince Charming support me in making this passion for footwear and crafts into an actual business. He builds me up and spurs me on. He thinks big when I’m thinking too small. I couldn’t ask for a better business partner. So there you have it. That’s me in a nutshell. I cannot wait to show you my ideas and future products. I cannot wait to play with new materials and venture into different themes. I am so grateful for all the support I have had and I am very excited to share my passion for shoes and all things girly with you. Have a great Christmas and a fantastic New Year.

And remember, Dymond’s are forever!

x CeCe x

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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