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March Masses and Shoes Shoes Shoes

It's "work" I swear!

It all started innocently enough. Clients booked in for one-to-one consultations, special guests lined up for a chat and collaborative projects, and orders trinkling their way in. Slow and steady and keeping us busy. Then POW! Consultation requests went crazy, collaborative project offers came flooding in and event planners wanted us at their shows. March turned into mayhem and we needed to up our game. Let's head back to the beginning and I'll show you what we have been up to in a few highlights.

The beauty of working in the wedding or creative industry is meeting all the talented suppliers and vendors, some of whom you have the pleasure of working with and creating new projects. And so it started with Colin from Your Digital Memories. Armed with an arsenal of photography tools, toys and treasures, Colin helped us with his eye for imagery and left a few words of wisdom on how to capture a product that still told a story.

I'm not a huge fan of "product pictures". I prefer an image to give the shopper a 'feel' for what the item can do for you. A bit vague I know, but no trouble for Colin. Instantly he tapped into the look I was hoping for and days later I was in possession of images more beautiful than I could have hoped for. Now let's just remember that Colin typically shoots weddings, working with people and venues and "the feeling". Product photography requires a very different eye indeed. "It'll take about and hour or two" said Colin, as we discussed the itinerary of the day.

hard at work

An Hour? Ha! He was in his element. Even the pros like to mix things up a bit and sure enough, Colin got to work and got to play. Almost four hours of "let's try this". It was so wonderful to watch him work. His attention to detail was second to none. The care and detail he invested in a few hair vines, can you even imagine the attention and vision you could receive as a happy couple on your wedding day? Without a doubt you need to head over to their website or find them on Facebook.


One thing I have learned since setting up shop is that social media MATTERS! Whether you are a techno-freak or a techno-phobe, you cannot deny that the new generation of shoppers, trend-setters and inspiration seekers are loading up their laptops and browsing the entire planet for all things fabulous. Part of "keeping up with Joneses" means offering the occasional video or two to let your fans and friends see what it is you get up to everyday. If you're anything like me, you like things to be as visual as possible, so a friendly video really can have a wonderful impact. Now, anyone who has wandered onto our own Facebook page may already have been privy to the occasional video or live-stream and I am sure you would agree in unison, I become somewhat animated during a live feed. I will work on my "chill", promise. Luckily for me, Harriett of Twirly Girl Photography is a bit of a video pro and managed to put together something a little more class than cringe. Check out our chat and don't forget to subscribe to her channel for her behind the scenes and beautiful baby photography.

Walk on a rainbow

We finished the month off with a trip to old London Town for London Bridal Fashion Week 2019. I swear if you cracked my head open that's what would fall out: sparkles and lace and florals, OH MY! The prosecco was handed out (somewhat liberally), the models swished around their booths in perfectly orchestrated harmony and Stewart and I went on a bit of a spree. It was the most fun shopping trip, scouting out potential suppliers and seeing the new trends before they filter their way to the boutiques. "Bold and Unashamed" seems to be the oncoming trend and I love love love it.

We chatted with much loved suppliers who are already lined up to give our brides their perfect pieces, and maybe we found someone new to work with. Without giving too much away we are very excited with what's to come!

More of what's been going on in our next blog. In the mean time, happy planning! x




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