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Meet The Maker March: CeCe

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

So March is 'Meet The Maker Month' and it's only fair I play along and share some things about me, why I do what I do and any other anecdotes that come along. If you want to find out how "Dymond's Shoes" came to be, head over to our "How It All Began" blog. In this blog, I will let you know a little more about me. CeCe: Small Business Owner. Shoe Addict. Wife. Mother. Furry Friend fanatic.

The perfect pair

It has been no secret. I have always been a lover of shoes, make-up, sparkles and all things girly. When Carrie said "Yes" to Mr. Big over a pair of Manolo Blahniks, I swooned. Maybe shed a helpless romantic tear. (What a way to propose!) I will wear a tiara on my birthday OUT IN PUBLIC with no shame. This year I'm having my very own cake-smash! I was the ballerina, the diary-writer, the charity shop up-cycler, the 'Mud Bath' not 'Mud Run' kind of girl. I am the 'sugar and spice and all things nice' kind of girl and I own my cliché with pride. Like magpies, if I see sparkle I am dazed.

hard at work

I never thought I would one day run my own business and I am so lucky to have a partner in Life as well as in Work. More on him in my next blog ;)

It was never in my game-plan to take the reigns and go solo, but at the same time I am so happy with how organically it has all happened. Running a business and doing what I love most really puts into perspective the ideals of "Working to live" and not "Living to work". The 9-5 was fine, but sometimes "fine" just isn't enough. I always want more and I am happy to offer my skills and services to brides and shoe lovers alike who want More too.

pretty pearls

Anyone who has met me would describe me as passionate, if not a bit "eccentric". And that's okay :) Thinking outside the box is why I am here in the first place. I have my niche and if that suits you then GREAT! I am a people-pleaser but I stay true to my own style. Professional integrity is important to me. I will never copy, but I may well be inspired. My big hope for Dymond's Shoes is to one day own a boutique or two, where brides, prom girls, pageant queens and shoe lovers from all over can come and enjoy vast displays of great quality shoes and accessories, sit and have a coffee whilst we talk about our 'Customise Me' service, and walk away knowing they have premium quality products and enjoyed the best customer experience.

Flower-Wall Selfies

When I am not in my studio working on my next commission, drowning in a sea of pearls and sparkle, I can be found reading books to my little girl, practising ukulele and rehearsing guitar with my son, (over)-cooking dinners for my husband and spooning with the cat or dog. Game Of Thrones is big in my house, and I am always down for a cheeky glass of bubbles.... and Chinese food. In a nutshell that is all me.

Shoes don't just make me walk tall, they make me dream big and take chances, whether I am in trainers or sky-scraper heels. I love them all!

Holding out for a Hiro


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