• CeCe Dymond

Wedding Shows; What are they worth?

Congratulations! You're engaged. Bring on the onslaught of family cheers, perusing magazines and folding down your favourite pages and 'reality' television programmes featuring slightly-stressed-out dress shopping and grooms off their reigns. Oh the fun!

All that page flipping, internet trawling and screen time can get a bit much though. And what good is it finding a potential supplier who's products you have fallen in love with, only to find out they're based in Edinburgh while you're planning your nuptials at Land's End. Well have no fear, Wedding Shows are here!

It's always good to create your own mood board so that you and your partner have some direction as to the look and feel you want your wedding to have. Magazines, Pinterest and saving links is perfect to start the creative juices flowing. When it comes to the planning stages however, your friendly-neighbourhood-supplier is the real hero.

No recommendation can come highly enough than that of another supplier. These people work with each other on the circuit all the time. They will know who to run to (or away from!). If your photographer is recommending a particular bridal boutique because they give the best experience, then sure enough they will be worth a look.

Isn't it just friends helping other friends? Honestly, Yes. Sometimes. But don't forget, friendship and business are very fickle. A true friendship can stand the test of time, but a business' reputation isn't so solid. Suppliers only offer recommendations to companies they are happy to risk their own reputations for. So believe me, supplier-to-supplier recommendations are always worth a look in. And that isn't just from one trade to something completely different. A truly valuable and worthy supplier is always happy to recommend someone else in their field. Whether they can't make your date or simply don't accommodate the style you're looking for, they may well know someone they can direct you to, so do not hesitate to ask!

Going to shows are a great way of seeing inspirations come to life. Suppliers plan for months in advance to ensure they stand out as best they can. Looking at a stand will give you a good indication of the attention to detail a supplier will pay in the products and services they provide. Seen an outstanding display that catches your eye? If that's the effort they make for a "little ol' wedding fair" imagine what they could do just for you on your day! Get yourself stuck in to as many shows as you can. Don't just rely on the pages of magazines and clicks on a site. Go and speak to the human behind the post. Ask your questions at the source. Or just wander around and soak it all up. (And maybe get a freebie or two.... I love it when I we get placed close to a Cake supplier. Nom nom nom! ) And remember, the people you speak to at these shows are real, passionate people. Making your day special is their bread and butter. They want everything to be perfect just as you do. Working with local suppliers not only supports small businesses, but ensures you have an experience that no one else has. Make your wedding day stand out from them all with the help of you hand picked wedding suppliers.


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